Gourmet coffee, made with a “tea bag”. Why didn’t I think of that?


Why is making a cup of gourmet coffee so complicated, and expensive?

I have always found it odd how many expensive coffee brewing systems there are out there. Why? Because none of them will produce a cup of coffee that tastes any better than the coffee you can make with a $10 French press.

All you have to worry about when making gourmet coffee is the quality and freshness of the coffee you grind, the temperature of the water you use, and the time spent brewing.

Our cousins, the tea lovers of the world, have got it right.

Grab a tea bag, boil a kettle of water, pour the hot water into a cup, dunk the tea bag in the water for a while…and you’re done.

Well, now it seems someone has come up with the same approach for making gourmet coffee.

The folks at singlebrew.com will send you coffee bags, each containing enough coffee for a single cup of coffee. The process is the same as for making tea. Nothing complicated there.

In the photo above you can see the coffee bag at the bottom right. Looks just like a tea bag. Each bag is individually wrapped in a foil wrapper and is guaranteed to stay fresh for up to 12 months.

Will the simplicity and economy of a single-serve coffee bag catch on? Who knows. But maybe we are too addicted to gadgets, and to the perceived convenience of high-tech single serve brewing systems.

One thing is for sure. We could all reduce the amount of plastic we put in the trash each week if we used simpler brewing methods…like the coffee bag or a simple French press or filter cone.



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