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Keurig takes the lead again with the Keurig Vue V700 brewing system.

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

keurig Vue V700 single serve coffee maker


Keurig has been king of the pile in the world of single serve coffee makers for several years now.

But sales of the original Keurig brewers likely slowed as competitive machines hit the market, some of them offering more features and choices, including the option to make cappuccinos and lattes.

The Keurig Vue V700 plays catch-up with these competitors, and then some.

The basic system is the same as the original Keurig brewers. You choose your settings from the touchscreen control panel, make sure there is water in the reservoir, drop in the single serve cup, and press brew.

But there are some significant differences.

First, this new system doesn’t use the old K-Cups, it uses Vue Packs. And no, you can’t use the old K-Cups with these new brewers.

As for choice, the Vue system launched with more than 30 varieties representing a mix of brands, including Green Mountain Coffee, Barista Prima, Tully’s, Coffee People, Gloria Jean’s, Green Mountain Naturals, Café Escapes, Caribou Coffee, Celestial Seasonings, Emeril’s, Newman’s Own Organics, Timothy’s and Van Houtte. Also exclusive to Vue is Green Mountain Coffee’s newest entry – the two-step Barista Prima Café beverages.

And here are some of the settings you can choose. Again, if you have an older Keurig brewer, you will see how the choices have grown with the Vue V700.

You can make any of these selections from the V700 Touchscreen panel.

- Choose from a wide selection of cup sizes: 4-oz, 6-oz, 8-oz, 10-oz, 12-oz, 16-oz and 18-oz

- Select your brew temperature up to 197 degrees

- Choose “Strong” for a bolder brew

- Choose “Café” to brew lattes and cappuccinos

- Choose “Brew Over Ice” to make the perfect iced coffee or tea

And – finally – the Vue Packs are recyclable!

One of the complaints a lot of people had with the original Keurig K-Cups was that they weren’t recyclable. That was a big deal, with millions of used K-Cups hitting the landfills every month.

With Vue Packs you peel off the foil lid, with the filter and used coffee attached, separate the plastic cup, and drop it into your recycling bin.

The Vue V700 is a great advance in many ways, and we’re sure it will be a big hit with everyone who has used, loved or even wanted one of the older Keurig machines.

Learn more about the Keurig Vue V700 here…


The Ekobrew reusable coffee filter for Keurig brewers.

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

A while ago I posted about the My K-Cup Keurig reusable filter, and its various benefits. This is the filter I use myself for my Keurig B60. In fact, I don’t buy K-Cups at all. I know that with a reusable filter I can save a ton of money and also save adding to all the used K-Cups that end up in the garbage.

But I’m tempted by this new Ekobrew system, simply because it seems to address some of the issues I have with my My K-Cup filter.

First, the Ekobrew has a flat bottom, so I can place it on the counter while I fill it with loose coffee. That may not sound like a big deal, but there have been many times when I have fumbled with my filter in the left hand while trying to fill it with coffee with my right hand.

Second, it has heat resistant grips on the side. Again, this may not mean much to you if you don’t already have a My K-Cup filter. If you do, you know how hot the sides can be if you want to take the filter out immediately after brewing.

Third, to use the My K-Cup you first have to remove the K-Cup holster from the brewer. This isn’t a problem for me, as I don’t buy regular K-Cups. But it is a pain if you want to sometimes use K-Cups and sometime want to use a reusable filter. That K-Cup holster isn’t always easy to take out.

The Ekobrew filter offers a few other benefits which I won’t be able to check out until I have tried it in person.

But from what I can see from the video, it’s certainly worth a try.

BTW – both of these reusable coffee filter systems can be used across all the different K-Cup brewers, including those made by Keurig, Cuisinart, Breville and Mr. Coffee.

You can buy the Ekobrew reusable filter at


My #1 recommendation for this holiday season – the Keurig B40 Elite .

Friday, November 26th, 2010
Keurig B-40 Elite K-Cup Coffee Maker

Keurig B-40 Elite K-Cup Coffee Maker

Why am I recommending a K-Cup brewer, and not a coffee pod brewer, or one using coffee capsules?

Because there is an amazing number of coffees you can get in the K-Cup format, and these brewers make a great cup of coffee.

Three years ago, I might have recommended a coffee pod brewer, but their popularity has dropped off, and the range and availability of coffee pods has fallen as well.

As for other formats, like the Tassimo and Nespresso beverage systems, and others, I think they are better suited to making “coffee beverages”, like almost-cappuccinos and the like.

If you are a pure coffee lover, and want a wide range of coffees to choose from, I don’t think you can beat the Keurig K-Cup brewers.

There are a ton of different coffees to choose from in the K-Cup format. And if you can’t find what you are looking for, just buy and grind the beans you want, and use the My K-Cup Coffee Filter.

In other words, you can use your Keurig brewer to make any coffee you want. No limits.

Why the B40 Elite, rather than one of the more recent machines?

Actually, it doesn’t matter which model you choose. They use the sane brewing head, and all make the same quality of coffee. I suggest the B40 Elite simply because it is the least expensive of all their full-size models.

If you want more bells and whistles – like more brew sizes, and digital displays – by all means get one of the more recent models.

But if it’s just a good cup of coffee you want, the Elite B40 will do you just fine.

Learn more and buy the Keurig B40 Elite here…


How to save money, and the environment, with your Keurig K-Cup brewer.

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010
The Keurig My K-Cup Coffee Filter

The Keurig My K-Cup Coffee Filter

People love their Keurig brewers.

I have one myself, and I love it.

But there are a couple of things that used to trouble me.

First, those K-Cups cost a lot of money. Sure, it’s the most convenient way to make coffee imaginable. But the cost soon mounts up.

Second, millions of used K-Cups are thrown away every week. And no, they are not recyclable.

Is there an answer to these problems?

Yes, there is.

I simply bought myself a My K-Cup reusable coffee filter.

Each time you want a cup of coffee, you just add ground coffee to the filter, screw on the lid and place it on your Keurig brewer, instead of using a K-Cup.

Instantly, the price of each cup of coffee is cut by over half. Plus, there is nothing to throw away, other than the used coffee grinds. And I add those to my compost pile.

If you have always wanted a Keurig brewer, but didn’t like the cost of the K-Cups, or the waste, this is your answer.

Just buy the Keurig K-Cup brewer plus a My K-Cup Coffee Filter.

And if you already have the brewer, just buy the My K-Cup.

True, it will take an extra 30 second to make each cup of coffee.

But you’ll save a bundle of cash, and you’ll be doing your part for the environment.


Mr. Coffee Single Serve K-Cup Brewing System.

Monday, October 25th, 2010
Mr. Coffee Single Serve K-Cup Brewing System

Mr. Coffee Single Serve K-Cup Brewing System

Well, here is a surprise.

Mr. Coffee has made a K-Cup coffee maker.

From what we can tell, although the design is all their own, its functionality is very similar to that of the Keurig Mini.

In other words, it has a small footprint, doesn’t have a water reservoir, and you add a mug of water to the machine each time you brew.

I must say, we like the look and lines of the machine. It has a different look compared to the older Keurig line of brewers.

And, of course, it works in the same, simple way. Add the water, drop in a K-Cup and press the brew button.

If you have been waiting to get yourself an entry-level K-Cup brewer, and prefer the look of this Mr. Coffee model, or simply like the brand, give it a try.

It’s priced pretty much identically with its Keurig equivalent, the Mini. So you’ll neither lose nor gain by going for Mr. Coffee.

Ultimately, it’s all down to the looks and the brand.

You can learn more and buy the Mr. Coffee Single Serve K-Cup Brewing System at Amazon…